Freeride in Krasnaya Polyana

Reliefs accessible directly from cable cars

Magnificent reliefs accessible directly from the cable cars, wonderful beech forests on steep mountain slopes and abundant Black Sea snow make skiing in Krasnaya Polyana unforgettable. Despite the growing popularity of the area, we continue to find places with good snow and develop new routes available for skiing.

What awaits you?

We will offer you a backcountry (freeride with climbing elements) and a ski tour (ski ascents in secluded areas). These programs become especially relevant a few days after the snowfall, when all the nearby areas have already been rolled out.
If you want to try freeride or are just starting to ride off-piste, we suggest you take an off-piste skating training program and prepare for heli-skiing. You will be able to: improve your skating technique, get rid of mistakes and get the basics of knowledge about safe skiing in the mountains.
The cost of riding in groups
The cost of the program
Number of people in the group
20 000
Price per group
24 000
20 000
21 000
30 000
20 000
Price per person
6 000
10 000
7 000
6 000
25.000 RUR / individual skating

Selection of dates for freeride in Krasnaya Polyana

Possible dates: 27.12.2022 — 15.04.2023.
If you plan to take part in our programs, leave a request on our website. We will contact you, clarify all the details and select convenient dates for you.
in our Telegram channel:
We publish information about availability and special offers
leave a request on the website, in WhatsApp, by mail or phone
schedule the desired dates
decide on the program
How do I book a seat?
To reserve a place in the group, you have to pay 50% of the price of the program. The rest of the amount is paid no later than three months before the start of the program.
Booking and Refund Policy
Reservations are made using the feedback form and by phone:
+7 938 868 48 68.
In case the group does not use up the flight time
In case of non-departure of 5 hours due to non-flying weather, a refund is made at the rate of 200,000rubles for 1 hour of unused flight time per group with per-minute billing. Such a refund is not possible at the early termination of the program on the initiative of the client.
In what cases is a refund made?
We guarantee a 100% refund or transfer of the program to other dates in case of force majeure. These include natural disasters, civil unrest, epidemics, decisions of public authorities that make it impossible to carry out our program.

No penalty is provided if the participant who abandoned the program found a replacement.
When activating the ABS system outside of the avalanche threat situation, payment: 15.000 RUR.
When activating the ABS system
Suspension from skating
By the decision of the guide, a participant may be suspended from skating if the level of his technical or physical fitness does not match the level of the other members of the group – the participant significantly "slows down" the group, creates a danger for himself or other members of the group. In this case, the organizing company does not make any compensation.
Refunds are not made due to the inability to ride for the following reasons:
— illness or injury received both before and during the program;
— inability to ride due to fatigue;
— unwillingness or impossibility for the client to ride due to bad weather conditions or heavy snow conditions (provided that safe riding is possible on this day).
In which cases a refund is not made?
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