Equipment for off-piste skiing

Our recommendations

Normally heli-skiing is done during calm and sunny weather conditions. However, there are exceptions. Also, weather in the mountains tends to change rapidly. That is why we recommend you to be well-prepared for heli-skiing.
We advise you to use functional mountain clothes of high quality. The upper layer should preferably contain a membrane protection. Put on a base layer underneath and a fleece jacket. We also recommend you to take a light down jacket as it might be useful during lunch in the mountains. Moreover, it is convenient to take extra goggles (in case of falling, snow can get into the goggles so they might fog up) and extra gloves. A buff will make your time much more enjoyable when standing under the rotating blades. We also highly recommend you to use a helmet while skiing. This is important for your own safety and also plays a role in keeping you comfortable next to a working helicopter (hats, for example, can be easily blown off).

For skiing you will need wide skis (they should not be narrower than 100 mm in the waist) and snowboards, made for riding in deep snow. If needed we can arrange modern freeride skis, snowboards and other equipment for you in our rental shop for a special price.

Avalanche equipment is obligatory and will be given out by our crew. It includes an ABS backpack, a transceiver, a shovel and a probe. This equipment is handed out for free.